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3 poke hotspots on Big Island

Yummy, buttery and flavory.. if you’re into raw fish, there’s a big chance you’re a huge fan of poke bowls! Poke bowls are basically plates of deconstructed sushi and its origin comes from Hawaii. As far as I could see it’s still to most preferred food – nope, not pizza Hawaii – in the archipelago and for good reason, since poke is healthy, delicious and it’s cubed form is totally unique. You can even find counters full of poke in the supermarket, but for the best experience go to one of these restaurants below! 

Da Poke Shack – Kailua

Be in time for this small shack right on the shores of Kailua! No matter the hour, there might always be a queue, even in the morning (mmm yummie raw fishies on an empty stomach)! The shack is more of a quick serve spot for take away. There are some picnic tables outside, but in case they’re full you better walk to one of the nearby vistas on the sea.

The ahi is very fresh in here, and they serve a lot of different types of poke (unless you come too late in the afternoon in the weekend, like we did unfortunately). In case you’re done with the rice you can also opt for quinoa in here.

The staff is relaxed and helpful and makes sure you make the right choice by giving you samples of everything. Compared to other poke places I would say this spot is a little pricey for the amount of food, but you’ll sure get a great dish!

Suisan Fish Market – Hilo

By far my favourite poke place of the island. On the outside it doesn’t look like much, and honestly the inside setting is much like a fish market. But hey, you come for the food and the plates are really really awesome in here. 

Whatever is caught at sea comes straight in on the backside of the place (Suisan is situated at the harbour). They are many original choices to pick from (again you can taste some beforehand if you want) and portions are enormous. One big plate is enough for two persons, even if both are very hungry. Don’t forget to put the furikake on top of the rice!

On top of it all the service is fast and friendly. We came around noon and had walked out 5 minutes later. Simple picnic tables provided outside while give you a spot with tranquil views. I think the poke in here was the best I’ve ever had, seriously. So I cannot but highly recommended Suisan for a lovely poke experience at a very low price.

Poke ‘n’ Sides – Hilo 

This small shop is situated right on the Farmer’s Market in Hilo, very convenient for a break. The ahi is here again is fresh and buttery and comes in spicy flavours. On the days of the Farmer’s Market, get in in time. Most of the poke might be sold out at lunchtime. Prices are reasonable for the amount you get and outsides there are ample spaces to enjoy a lovely lunch. 

They sell the greatest stuffed pineapple in here as well, really refreshing as a dessert on a hot day! 

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