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Adopt a dog for a day in Kauai

Ever since I was born I’ve been surrounded by dogs. They’re still by far my most favourite animals in the world and therefore I was longing to have one for

How to fit four Arizona icons in one day

Doing an all-American trip? But limited in time? A stay in the small town of Page might be your solution. From up here the four following Arizona icons can all

3 poke hotspots on Big Island

Yummy, buttery and flavory.. if you’re into raw fish, there’s a big chance you’re a huge fan of poke bowls! Poke bowls are basically plates of deconstructed sushi and its

14 top cafes & restaurants in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

With nearly two years of experience tasting the menus of a great many a deal restaurants in this lovely Caribbean town, I picked my 14 favourites. It was a tough

The hillsides and full houses of San Francisco

It’s one of those American cities you just need to visit once in your life. If only for a day. The summer of love may have been long gone –

Things to do in Gandoca, Costa Rica

In the last stretch of land south on the Caribbean side in Costa Rica, before the river Sixaola flows into Panama, is situated a teeny-tiny town called Gandoca. Life runs

Where to go in Dominical and Uvita if you don’t surf

Whether you live in Costa Rica or you’re travelling around the country; you’ve probably heard you can catch some great waves in Dominical. But what if you’re not a big

PHOTOS: the outdoor beauty of Zion

We weren’t really planning on staying a long time in Zion. Just another park in West America we thought, but boy how we underestimated this area. I guess many people

The quirky and shuffling elephant seals of California

Huge and ugly brutes, yet very quirky and funny; that’s how I’d describe the elephant seals in California. Look at their snouts in the pictures and you’ll understand why they’re

A jungle retreat at Mirador Prendas

I was thinking to put a section about Mirador Prendas in the article of Sarapiqui, but then I realized this nature lodge needs a story of its own.  Let’s begin