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Bologna: climbing the tower of Asinelli and other tips

Although Bologna might be well known by Italians, it is less so amongst foreign visitors. I’m not sure why it’s not one of the first cities you’d mention if you

3 poke hotspots on Big Island

Yummy, buttery and flavory.. if you’re into raw fish, there’s a big chance you’re a huge fan of poke bowls! Poke bowls are basically plates of deconstructed sushi and its

14 top cafes & restaurants in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

With nearly two years of experience tasting the menus of a great many a deal restaurants in this lovely Caribbean town, I picked my 14 favourites. It was a tough

Where to go in Dominical and Uvita if you don’t surf

Whether you live in Costa Rica or you’re travelling around the country; you’ve probably heard you can catch some great waves in Dominical. But what if you’re not a big

9 superb restaurants in Bocas del Toro

Bocas del Toro is a real ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’-like paradise and luckily many agree with me; therefore expats from all over the world have come to the archipelago to

Things to do in Monteverde, Costa Rica

Fancy a trip to one of Costa Rica’s cloud forests? Good idea, since there are a lot of lovely things to do in the area. Check ’em out here!  Monteverde

The best restaurants of Cahuita, Costa Rica

Though the Caribbean town of Cahuita is only very small, it has surprisingly enough a big amount of restaurants, lunchrooms and sodas. Therefore it can be difficult to decide where

Where to go in El Poblado, Medellin

The uptown El Poblado neighbourhood is located south of Medellin’s city center on the eastern side of the Aburra Valley. It’s undoubtedly Medellin most wealthiest area close to the city

Top places to go in Granada, Nicaragua

Below are some places that’ll help you to experience a day full of fun in the vividly coloured streets of the center of Granada, Nicaragua. So start that itinerary! Café de