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Adopt a dog for a day in Kauai

Ever since I was born I’ve been surrounded by dogs. They’re still by far my most favourite animals in the world and therefore I was longing to have one for

3 poke hotspots on Big Island

Yummy, buttery and flavory.. if you’re into raw fish, there’s a big chance you’re a huge fan of poke bowls! Poke bowls are basically plates of deconstructed sushi and its

The 3 best underwater spots on Big Island

Water play is always nearby when you’re in Hawaii and the great thing about Big Island is that there are a lot of activities you can do on your own,

The uncut tropical beauty of Big Island in pictures

The most eastern island of the Hawaii archipelago is the benjamin of them all: Big Island. Though its correct name is ‘Hawaii’, people often refer to it as Big Island

Views from the Waimea Canyon on Kauai, Hawaii

Inland of West Kauai waits another world for you, one that’s quite different from the shorelines of the island: the Waimea Canyon.┬áMark Twain named it the ‘Grand Canyon of the

Hawaii’s island of Kauai in 43 pictures

The most western island of Hawaii is the oldest island of the Hawaiian archipelago and that’s quite reflected through its landscape. The northwestern portion of the Na Pali Coast for