Slow tales for the hasty mind


The hillsides and full houses of San Francisco

It’s one of those American cities you just need to visit once in your life. If only for a day. The summer of love may have been long gone –

The quirky and shuffling elephant seals of California

Huge and ugly brutes, yet very quirky and funny; that’s how I’d describe the elephant seals in California. Look at their snouts in the pictures and you’ll understand why they’re

Winter’s coming: the snowy beauty of Yosemite National Park

If you’re planning a trip to California and want to get that ‘national park feeling’ – with bears, roasting marshmellows over bonfires and camping in the woods included – you

Exploring the sand dunes near Guadalupe, CA

The famous route 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco is full of surprises, so we discovered. One of the biggest astonishments was the enormous sand dune area some 4

Rent a bicycle + get free stuff in San Francisco

Our awesome AirBnB-host in Oakland gave us this tip and we’re so glad we took his advice. Since sharing is caring – here’s it for you in return! If you’re

Death Valley – from dawn till dusk

Before we drove into Death Valley I thought this part of America would be nothing more than a dry piece of land – one to be crossed in a couple

PHOTOS: Big Sur – the rough charm of route 1

Of all the highways that we drove – in all of the six Western American states we visited last month -, I considered the State Route 1 by far the