Slow tales for the hasty mind


Hi there! My name is Kristel and though originally from Holland, I’m currently based in Costa Rica. Before this tropical adventure I’ve lived in some lovely European cities such as St. Petersburg, Prague, Aarhus and Amsterdam. Because I quite often receive questions about traveling in the area, I decided to gather all of my stories on an account et voilà; this is how The Tiny Travelogue began.

As a big lover of catching wildlife (with a cam!), colourful Wes Anderson sceneries, outdoor adventures, the solitude of Hopper landscapes, underwater life and everything autumn I’ll share my best shots and experiences in the tropics and beyond on this page with you. I solemnly swear that I won’t bomb you with travel quotes and the like in here, just with some down to earth travel practicalities and tips. And probably the occasional annoyingly perfect tropical beach photo on Facebook and Instagram.   

Swimming with sharks in Galápagos, volcano sliding in Nicaragua, a gigantic balloonfiesta in the States, galleries of vibrant parades in Costa Rica, Escobar’s dinosaurs in Colombia; it’s all in here! If you like my photos, you can buy quite some of them online – or even better: send me a message! Oh, and did I mention I have a dog too? Chapo is always eager to join me on my trips. So have a look, thanks for stopping by and enjoy – and if I can help you out with more travel tips and tricks, let me know! 

Trips in 2017: The western part of the USA, Hawaii, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, The Galápagos Islands and Ecuador

Trips in 2018: The Netherlands (touching home base!), Germany, Switzerland

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