Slow tales for the hasty mind

What to do around Sarapiqui, Costa Rica

The village of Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui itself – a somewhat 1,5 hours drive from capital San José – isn’t the most interesting honestly. But it’s the surrounding areas that

Winter’s coming: the snowy beauty of Yosemite National Park

If you’re planning a trip to California and want to get that ‘national park feeling’ – with bears, roasting marshmellows over bonfires and camping in the woods included – you

An adventurous trip to La Marta Wildlife Refuge

WHAT: Hiking the trails of Wildlife Refuge La Marta, along rivers, lookouts, hanging bridges, waterfalls and millenary mineral formations. WHERE: The village of Pejibaye, some two hours from San José (without traffic

Things to do around the Poas volcano

The area north of San José is an absolutely pleasure to visit. The landscapes are quite different from the rest of the country and there’s just a special atmosphere in

Exploring the sand dunes near Guadalupe, CA

The famous route 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco is full of surprises, so we discovered. One of the biggest astonishments was the enormous sand dune area some 4

The 3 best underwater spots on Big Island

Water play is always nearby when you’re in Hawaii and the great thing about Big Island is that there are a lot of activities you can do on your own,

Autumn at the Grand Canyon North Rim

I didn’t expect it, but during our road trip through the western part of the USA one of the best place to spot foliage was on our way to the

The uncut tropical beauty of Big Island in pictures

The most eastern island of the Hawaii archipelago is the benjamin of them all: Big Island. Though its correct name is ‘Hawaii’, people often refer to it as Big Island

Rent a bicycle + get free stuff in San Francisco

Our awesome AirBnB-host in Oakland gave us this tip and we’re so glad we took his advice. Since sharing is caring – here’s it for you in return! If you’re