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The waterfalls of the Bribri village

In case you need a refreshment along the way to the border with Panama, you’re in luck! The tiny town of Bribri has two pretty decent waterfalls where you can chill out a bit in the heat of the day. Here’s were to go:

Bribri waterfalls

The first waterfall is right in the mountains along the 36 in between Hone Creek and Bribri. There are two ways – on either side of the area – to enter and park your car. The one near Bribri is a bit easier to drive into, but the one on the other side (a small fee of ₡500 per person is requested) might be better protected. From either way it’s a short walk of some 5 minutes downhill a forest. 

Once at the end of the path, there are two waterfalls to choose from, on the upper and lower side. Both have a deep ‘swimming area’ in front of them. Watch as the locals jump from the rocks into the deep ends and don’t be scared if you suddenly feel a couple of small fishes nibbling on your feet; they love it! Consider it a free pedicure 😉

Voilio Waterfalls

The next one is situated a bit further down the road. Continue the 36 until you reach the town of Bribri. Turn right on the ‘square’ and follow all the way through. A sign requests you to park at a sort of hotel, where you have to pay a fee again (a bit more this time: ₡2000 per vehicle). From up here it’s a 20 to 25 minute walk to the waterfall, the first bit along the road. You can also opt to continue the road and walk closer to the area, but in that case you have to make sure you don’t leave any valuables in your car. 

Whatever spot you choose, enjoy the mist and cool breeze of the waterfall!

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