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PHOTOS: the outdoor beauty of Zion

We weren’t really planning on staying a long time in Zion. Just another park in West America we thought, but boy how we underestimated this area. I guess many people even skip it all together while driving from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon, because it is indeed a bit of a detour. However, if you have the time, I’d really recommend you to spend at least one full day in Zion, or two. It might be just one of your better outdoor days in the States.

Especially if you’re looking for real adventure, Zion is an awesome place to be; try the Angel’s Landing hike, go abseiling or walk a bit (or a long time) into The Narrows. But even with the fairly moderate hikes you can’t go wrong in this area. Around every corner there’s another gorgeous view. (Text continues below gallery)

In between the hikes you can easily hop-on and -off the free bus that connects each point of interest and trail within the park; very convenient. If you’re very limited in time, you can start at the ranger’s station and just drive all the way to the end back and forth. That way at least you’ve seen the canyon itself in its entirety.

Regarding your stay, the park’s situated next to the quirky little towns of Grafton, Rockville and Springdale, that all star lovely little bed & breakfasts, cute shops and cosy coffee corners. We were there in autumn and many many times it just felt as if we walked straight into some Gilmore Girl’s Stars Hollow scene, yes even in Utah :). 

Planning to continue afterwards to Bryce, Dixie National Forest or the Grand? Route 9 towards Mt Carmel Junction, aka the ‘Canyon’s Drive’, is just the perfect way to top off your admiration for the majestic, red multi coloured area. But slow it down, since the road is curvy and you might be very tempted to stare a bit too much out of the window!

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