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How to fit four Arizona icons in one day

Doing an all-American trip? But limited in time? A stay in the small town of Page might be your solution. From up here the four following Arizona icons can all be visited in one day without rushing it up – after all it’s a vacation!

Horseshoe bend

Rise and shine! This fabulous spot along the Colorado river is just a bit out of town (a 5-minute drive) and so worth it getting up early. From the car parking it’s a small, 10 minute walk to the viewing point – the edge. Eat your breakfast up here and wait in the cold until the first beams of light hit the red rocks and warm up the entire canyon. The reflections of the walls are from that moment visible in the water too. Though we tried to picture it, photos are not even doing justice to this moment.

Just mentioning it – I heard it can get really busy in here in summer. Our visit in late September was totally fine, we were standing there with some 20 people. Also, don’t get too close to the edge, it’s not worth dying for the best picture. There are no guard rails around it – and the canyon sure is terrifyingly deep. So watch your little ones, your dog or your way too enthusiastic husband.

Antelope canyon

Prepare for your next stop: the Antelope Canyon, a 10 minutes drive from the Horseshoe bend. The underground canyon truly is something mesmerizing to behold. It’s a place of beauty and elegance, which has in contrast been created through violent storms and torrential flooding. Each ridge in the canyon is different and light fills the walls with incredible colours.

If you go straight after sunrise, yet still early in the morning, you’ll still be there when golden hour warms the first pieces of the canyon. Unfortunately you can’t go on your own. The site is situated on Navajo land, so you need a tour with the Navajo Tribe and you most likely have to book it (quite a bit) in advance, so make sure you got your tickets in time. Click here for more information and pictures of the canyon!

Lake Powell

After these two gorgeous morning activities it’s time for a break at the lake. Grab a sandwich in town and a coffee to go and chill it out next to the dam. There are a couple of places where you have a perfect view on either the lake or the dam – great to reload an hour or so before getting ready for your afternoon. 

Monument Valley

From Page it’s a 2-hour drive towards Monument Valley. Perhaps that sounds long, but it’s totally worth it. The valley is one of those typical red desert views that pops up in mind when you think about a classic American west landscape. With the unique rock formations in the area, the big mesas, steep canyons and gorgeous views it almost feels as if this piece of Navajo land has been manipulated by nature with some impossible architecture.

Every rock in the valley stars some vivid tales and they are all best captured at the beginning or end of the day, when the light warms the vivid colours of the sand. Though we were doubting to visit the place due to its remote location the area was absolutely worth the extra hours of driving. Click here for an impression of a few hours well spent around the rocks!


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