Slow tales for the hasty mind

Pawsome tales of Chapo and more

The waterfalls of the Bribri village

In case you need a refreshment along the way to the border with Panama, you’re in luck! The tiny town of Bribri has two pretty decent waterfalls where you can

The adventures of my dog in Costa Rica

Every dog and cat lover probably knows the problem: an overload of ‘dahhwww’ pictures of your four-legged friend in your phone inbox. No need to feel ashamed of that! Since my

Adopt a dog for a day in Kauai

Ever since I was born I’ve been surrounded by dogs. They’re still by far my most favourite animals in the world and therefore I was longing to have one for

Things to do around the Poas volcano

The area north of San José is an absolutely pleasure to visit. The landscapes are quite different from the rest of the country and there’s just a special atmosphere in

A hike to the stunning secret that is Laguna Hule

WHAT: A hike to Laguna Hule  WHERE: Between National Park Braulio Carillo and National Park Juan Castro Blanco, in Los Angeles Sur of Río Cuarto de Grecia, in the Province of

PHOTOS: Life’s a beach in Puerto Viejo

In the south of Costa Rica there’s a small, laidback, Afro-Caribbean town, which feels a bit like the Goa of Costa Rica, if you’re looking for a comparison: Puerto Viejo. Many

The end of the road: a hike in Manzanillo

WHAT: A long hike in Refugio Manzanillo all the way up to Punta Monda (‘Monkey Point’) with a lot of animals on the road WHERE: Costa Rica, all the way at

How I met my dog

(This story was written in March 2016 for The Costa Rica News, as a column) I did it! I adopted a dog, one week ago! It’s a shoe chewing, golden,

Land of the strays: cuddling hundreds of doggies

WHAT: Having the best time with a whole lot of doggies WHERE: Costa Rica, about a one hour ride from San José, 26 km (it’s the traffic) HOW LONG: Depending