Slow tales for the hasty mind

50 x St. Petersburg in spring

Russia always has had a special place and image in the west of Europe. “Russia is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”, Winston Churchill – a rather remarkable figure himself by

8 things to do at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

There are very few places in the world where you can get right up to an active volcano. Guess what, it’s possible in Hawaii – and it’s quite easy too!

A year of volunteering in pictures at the Tree of Life

Some 16 years ago, the upbeat Dutch Patricia started an educational floral and plant conservatory as well as a habitat for animals in need: Tree of Life, situated on the

12 Awesome hotels in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is an amazing country full of jungle, volcanoes and wildlife. Since tourism is one of the most booming economic sectors of the country, many ‘ticos’ developed very special places

The whitewashed houses of Berat in Albania

WHAT: A visit to a gorgeous and historical white city, that includes a fortress on the top of a hill WHERE: Right in the middle of Albania, some 2 hrs

Visiting Mauna Kea; or is it Mars?

What: A visit to the ‘tallest mountain on earth’ Where: Big Island, the most eastern island of the Hawaiian archipelago How long: In total you might need some 3 hours

Creatures I found in and around the house in Costa Rica

The thought appeared to me when I was walking around in a large field in Holland… no need in here to be on your guard, like ever! No snakes slithering

The notorious stories of Alcatraz

Once in San Francisco one of the most popular tours in town is a visit to Alcatraz: a former prison on a tiny island, that is still notoriously famous. If you’ve

Cruising the Napa Valley vineyards

On our way to Yosemite National Park we suddenly spotted Napa valley on the map. Though it was a bit off route, we were triggered by the memory of the

PHOTOS: the Kalalau trail along the Nā Pali coast

Since the Kalalau trail is often mentioned as one of the most spectacular trails in the world we were very much looking forward on hiking it on Kauai, which is